Natural Cold Remedy



On the big day when we planned to put in our garden beds we all came down with colds. It has been between 65-75 degrees (fahrenheit, hopefully that’s obvious) outside this week. Last week it even climbed up into the 90’s. Here we are dancing around enjoying the warmth and spring and then bam, we get pulled back into winters lousy grasp. Break out the chicken soup! I’m not sure if it is just the stark contrast of having a cold while it’s warm outside, but this is possibly the worst cold I have ever had. Almost all colds I can take it easy for part of the day and still push through what needs to be done. More of an annoyance than anything. This one I couldn’t stand up I was so dizzy. My husband had to help me walk to the bathroom. I was up for less than ten minutes the entire day long, and I couldn’t even sit up for more than a minute at a time. Even the flu this year didn’t take that much out of me.

Enough with the woe is me part (I am sure all of you can relate!), here a remedy that my pediatrician said to give my daughter when she had a cough and it worked great for her. It helped me find some relief as well.

Take apple juice and warm it up and mix a large spoonful of honey in it. Make sure you get 100% juice without all the additives and such in it. You can mix it with water if you are concerned about the amount of sugar in the drink. Our Winco has raw honey in the bulk section so that’s where I get ours. Farmers markets are a great place to pick up honey, but they are usually more expensive. Getting a local raw honey is best. It should also help with seasonal allergies.

Remember not to give honey to any child under twelve months due to the risk of botulism.

I’ve also used tea and lemon with honey, water and honey with a lemon slice, etc. The warm drink with honey seems to help with colds and coughs.

A testament to raw honey’s healing capability


After my husband got some really bad road rash from a motorcycle wreck we put raw honey on some of the scars. He wanted to not put it on others to see if the scars would remain. His entire nose was missing a good percentage of skin. Part of his upper lip was almost gone. He was referred to a plastic surgeon to see if he would need anything taken care of. By the second appointment his lip and nose were completely healed. You can see a tiny bit of a scar on his lip, but much better than getting surgery done. I was actually jealous of his nose at the time. He had perfect skin and tiny perfect pores. Sigh.  The scar he didn’t put honey on (he still put the normal round of triple antibiotic on it) hasn’t changed since and and it’s been about four years. Makes me a strong believer in the stuff.


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