Meals that Save you hundreds of $

I have put a lot of work recently into meal planning. When starting to cook at home I got really frustrated by how expensive it was. So I worked on finding healthy meals that I could make that would save us money. This is to go along with our new household budget (yay!). Food is a huge spending area for us. We have only been doing this for a few weeks and already has made a huge difference. For the three of us we were spending between $700-$800 a month. Our new budget is $400. We are already coming in below that and have more food than we can eat! 

Right now the plan isn’t polished. It includes several soups and curries with salads and rice for sides to start. I am working on rounding it out and adding a weekly grocery shopping list as well. 

So here is what I am putting together is a weekly meal plan and grocery shopping list for healthy (and tasty) meals that are inexpensive. Would anyone be interested in me sharing this when I am done? 


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